Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

Did you know today was Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's?!

I'm fortunate enough to live about 10 minutes away from a B&J outlet. OK, know what? I'm not gonna call it B&J. Looks too weird if you know what I mean.

I did not partake in the free ice cream since I went buck wild with enthusiasm for eating over my half marathon weekend and you know at some point I have to cut myself off. In fact, consider me officially cut off.

That didn't stop my family from going without me! That may sound harsh, but I encouraged them to go. I had important tattoo business to tend to and if they'd have been able to have gotten me in tonight, this blog post would also be titled Tattuesday. Tattoosday? Hmm. I'll have to dwell on that one.

Apparently, they went through the line twice and sampled two different types of ice cream each time and by sampled I mean with a full scoop, not that tiny little sampling spoon. After all, it was free cone day, not free miniscule sample day.

Judging by the photo of the line my husband sent me, I'd say Ben & Jerry's had their hands quite full today. If it was anything like when we went last year, where I tried potato chips and ice cream in one fell scoop (see what I did there with a play on words?), the line moved fast. Which is excellent because my child moves fast.

Did you get to enjoy free Ben & Jerry's today? If you're not fortunate enough to live near one, did you have a tasty treat today anyway, pretending it was Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip cookie dough?

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