Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sounds like life to me....


Goodness, life has been busy and it's only going to get busier!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

  • Cleaning the house. I loathe cleaning the house and honestly, who really likes it? So I clean it little by little. I carve out 30-45 minutes daily and divvy it up into different areas of the house. Then I just make sure those rooms stay clean through the week. It's much easier now that my tiny, messy 2 year old has morphed into a clean, neat, orderly 5 year old who must have a place for every piece of anything she owns and it must go in that place every day. That makes my heart melt a little bit because she is sooo her mother's daughter.
  • Went on a date. My husband and I had a wonderful opportunity to have a mid-week date night. We just don't have any free weekends between now and the end of June so when a sweet friend of mine offered to watch our daughter so we could go out  for a night, I jumped at the chance to go out on a random Tuesday night. We tried a new restaurant (new to us) and then went to a few places to have some drinks after dinner. My husband was driving, so he did not get a drink at every place we went to in order to pace himself, but at one place we went, it was "Tini Tuesday" and they had $3 martinis. $3!! I was all about that. We just sat chatting about life, politics and religion, subjects that are taboo for discussion with everyone except him. It was nice.
  • Working overtime. The opportunity has presented itself for me to log some overtime, so I've been trying to get in about 1 hour a day. We just bought a new car 2 months ago and we try to pay our vehicles off as quickly as possible so 100% of my salary is being funneled into the car loan and I'm happy to say we should have it paid off within 6-8 months of purchase. Any opportunity to put extra cash toward the car is welcome.
  • Nursing an injury. I've been "off" from my normal workouts because I just got 2 tattoos touched up, one of which is on the side of my foot, so absolutely no running. I'd been going to the gym doing activities that weren't too involved with my feet, but I have now been nursing a back injury. I don't really mess around with back injuries since I seem prone to them for reasons unknown. I know when to take complete rest and implement stretching and massage techniques in order to try to get through it as quickly as possible.

I've been gearing up for a busy week. This is what I'll be up to this week:
  •  Cupcake and wine tasting party. A dear friend of mine is coming back to visit for a while and I'm hosting a party for her to mingle with everyone. She makes excellent cupcakes, so I thought the theme was fitting.
  • Run for Boston. Wednesday marks 2 weeks since I got my tattoos redone and I will be ready to pound the pavement again whether my back likes it or not. I know I am contradicting myself because I said before that I don't mess with back injuries and I really don't. But, people in Boston lost lives and limbs. The least I can do is push through some back pain to run a minimum of 1 mile before I return to my couch for as long as I need to rest and recover.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Fair. Kindergarten, what?? Is it that time? Yep. 
  • A friend's House Party and another friend's birthday party. 
  • A baby shower. Hopefully - I have a lot going on that day as I also have an autism parenting class, a cake to bake and decorate and a house to get ready for a birthday party so we'll see. I may have to just send a gift.
  •  My daughter's birthday party. She's turning 5 and having a Royal Pajama Party, themed as Princess Sofia from Disney Jr. 
  • Still somehow have to find time to put in 40 hours of work this week. It will be a challenge, but if I can just keep the house clean, it will help tremendously. Tell that to my husband though.
So, that's the story of my life lately. Coming up after that, my mom will be headed into town only for us to head out on a mother/daughter Mother's Day cruise! It's a very busy time, but hopefully I will be able to keep up with regular updates. I can't wait to get back into the swing of running more regularly over the next few weeks as well! 

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  1. The party sounds like fun. My daughter loves Sofia!