Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Carnival Elation recap Day 3: Running at sea and a feast in Cozumel

My alarm clock rang bright and early around 6:30am. I had these amazing plans to go up to the top of the ship and put in about 3 miles around the jogging track while I took in the beautiful sights of the ship pulling into Cozumel.

And then there was this.....

And my running plans were destroyed. There was a 35mph cross wind on the upper decks so they were closed to the guests. So I did the next best thing, I hit the treadmill. Ever tried running on a treadmill at sea? It's laughable and I'm shocked I didn't twist my ankle. I had to hold on to the rail of the treadmill the whole time to maintain my balance and we weren't even in any sort of rough seas, they were calm as could be but the back and forth motion of the ship means my feet were all over that treadmill. Still, I finished my 3 miles and headed back to the room to shower and get ready to go ashore.

After waiting in a long line to get off of the ship, we were finally walking down the pier heading toward the taxis. I snapped this cool perspective of the ship along the way.

I'd planned for my mom and I to spend the entire day at Nachi Cocum Beach Club, an all inclusive beach club that is only open to 100 pre-registered guests per day - in other words, no crowds! It was just $55 per adult and well worth the money. We spent about 4 hours at this place and it was absolute paradise.

My view from my lounge chair - who wouldn't want to stare at this all day?

I took several dips in the warm, inviting water.

I laid in the hammock.

From the moment we got there, our waiter never let our drinks stay empty for long. Even when I was laying in the hammock, he would seek me out to bring me more drinks. He was amazing. I wanted to bring him home and let him serve me drinks forever.

We each had 4 food credits, which could be used for any combination of appetizer, soup, salad, entree or dessert. We soon ordered our first feast of the day, a plate of nachos and chips w/guacamole. The guacamole was some of the best I've ever had and I'm not a big fan of it to begin with, so it says a lot that I devoured it - even my mother who doesn't care for avocados devoured it.

After feast #1, I took more dips in the ocean, made more trips to the hammock and in between all of it, read my book and drank my drinks.

Eventually, we ordered feast #2, enchiladas and fried tacos, which came with more guacamole. I've never felt so fat in my life.

After feast #2, we couldn't even think about feasts #3 and #4 that were waiting for us so we just let our other food credits go unused.

Our waiter brought more drinks, including this bad boy that did me in for the entire day.

After this, the taxi ride back to the port and haggling over overpriced children's clothing was a blur. We did buy some fabulous coffee, strawberry, mango and coconut flavored tequilas to bring back to the States with us.

The party continued once I was back on board and I'm pretty sure I showed up to dinner that night fairly tipsy. Sorry to my tablemates (haha, little did they know the following night I'd show up beyond tipsy after a martini tasting). My mom, on the other hand, wasn't handling the combination of too much food, sun and alcohol too well and spent most of the night in our stateroom sick. I went to a game show and the love and marriage show (which I participated in back in 2005 on our honeymoon cruise!) then I checked on my mom who seemed to be feeling better, so we headed up to the Mexican dance party on the Lido Deck. We just watched, we're not really into participating in those kinds of things. It was fun and then before long we headed back to the stateroom to catch some zzzz's.

Stay tuned for one final installment, the last day at sea which I am thrilled to report I finally got to go for a run up top on the open deck!

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